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Investing in and buying property can be a very rewarding activity if done correctly.

There is so much to understand and avoid on the road to wealth accumulation through property, you need to know what decisions to make, when to make them, how to maximize your returns, what is the best structure for you, what tax benefits are offered to you as a property investor and hundreds more. If you don’t know the answers to these crucial questions then you may be headed down the wrong road.

LJR group We have put together a free property report to help you understand some of these crucial tax questions and made them available to you immediately when you click on the free report to the right of your screen.

Discover the answers to these valuable questions and more.

  • What tax benefits are available to me as a property investor?
  • What name should you buy your property in?
  • What is PAYG Withholding Variation and how will the ATO calculate it?
  • What expenses are deductible repairs?
  • Should you get a quantity surveyor’s report?
  • What costs are claimable in relation to rental properties?

Making the correct tax decisions for your property investment can make the crucial difference for your investment goals.

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