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“Accountants Help Grow Your Investments, Business and Net Worth!”

What does the LJR MISSION Mean?

A mission is what you are trying to do each and every day. It is the end result of everything we do. Everything we do should create the result of “help grow clients’ investments, business and net worth”. This means that we…

  1. Are the subject experts in accounting and tax in relation to property investments and property businesses, maximizing the tax savings to the clients thus they can grow their investments and business much quicker.
  2. Are there for the clients supporting along their journey to the quest of their lifelong dreams and aspirations, a long term relationship with the clients that we can see them through to their desired results and goals.

Many of the long term relationship items have been “built in” by the company. We call them “procedures”. We have established procedures that are proven to work together as a system that ensures we build a long term relationship with our clients to grow their investments.  Here are some examples of procedures that are built in that help us build that long term relationship…

  • We treat our clients with respect and courtesy that client is not just a number a tax return to prepare. They are each a human being with dreams, aspirations, values and emotions.
  • We prepare each tax return like our own with care, diligence and professionalism.
  • We respond within 24 hrs on emails or phone calls.
  • We wear business/formal attire that leaves a great impression. This gives our clients confidence in us.
  • We keep our offices, desks, environment and equipment clean, and in good working order. Clean office builds confidence.
  • We provide information that helps our clients being informed with tax changes and increasing their knowledge in relation to property investment.
  • We record clients/colleagues’ birthdays and we care and celebrate their birthdays.
  • We treat colleagues with respect and work together as a team in order to fulfill the mission.

We do all of this even when we don’t feel like it. We do it even if we have family problems or financial problems. We never make excuses. We are here to serve the clients who pay us.

What does it look like when we grow clients’ investments, business or net worth?

  • Our clients do not pay one extra cent in tax unnecessarily.
  • Our clients have the optimal structure to hold investment & business.
  • Our clients have the support in accounting and tax whenever they need it.
  • Our clients have the updated tax information and news at their finger tips.
  • Our clients have the knowledge and awareness to consult accountants before decisions of purchase and sale.
  • Our clients have the knowledge and awareness to consult accountants before year end concludes.
  • Our clients have the accurate advice from us every time.