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Stages of the Property Journey

Property Journey Success

The success of your journey as a property investor or developer, among other things is largely subject to the information and knowledge that your decisions have been drawn from. Undoubtedly, having the correct knowledge to ensure a successful venture is a well sought after asset to any property business.

Make the correct decisions

Having the right knowledge and information for your buy and hold and buy and sell strategies is key to operating your property business at low risk and high income.

When purchasing a property or properties LJR Group helps you to make all of the correct decisions for your particular situation including decisions relation to pre-purchase tax, due diligence, cash flow analysis, and the best holding structure.

Holding Strategies

When holding, LJR Group helps you to make the correct decision relating to PAYG withholding variation, cash flow analysis and more.

Selling Properties the right way

When it comes to the sale of your property or properties, we help you to make the correct decisions relating to Capital Gains Tax, Principal Residence Exemption, 6 year absence rule and much more.

Get the right property tax advice for your business with LJR Group.