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LJR Bantacs Accountants has adopted a set of “values” that we live by. Values are “ways of thinking” that guide us in our decisions. These values help us accomplish our mission.

Value #1: Integrity

LJR believes no business can stand long without integrity. We believe in the consistency of our actions, values, character, core principles, and outcomes. It reflects the honesty, truthfulness and accuracy of our actions.

Value #2: Trust

LJR believes in building deep and lasting relationships with our clients. We respect them, serve them and help them achieve what is important to them.

Value # 3: Excellence

At LJR we strive to be the best and stretch ourselves and continuously improve the service to our clients. We believe in educating ourselves, our clients, and those that refer our services. By educating ourselves, we stay on the cutting edge of technology and knowledge. By educating our clients, they become more knowledgeable about property taxes and investing. This helps them to make better choices in their investment journey.

Value #4: Team

No one succeeds by oneself. At LJR we succeed together with our clients, our staff, and the business community.

Value # 5: Love

Above all, at LJR we love our work, our clients, our staff, our profession & our community. We act with kindness, compassion and care in every dealing.